References - A Complete Listing With Project Descriptions Available Upon Request


Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) - Accurate Biometrics was one of the first fingerprinting companies to be awarded a “Channeling” contract allowing us to send fingerprints directly to the FBI for certain agencies/organizations who have been granted access by federal statute to the FBI’s Criminal History Records Information database. We maintain our channeling contract with the FBI today.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) - Accurate Biometrics proudly provides our fingerprinting services nationwide to CMS for their background checks on Medicare providers and suppliers as a part of their fraud prevention requirements. Not only do we provide fingerprinting channeling services to the FBI, but also adjudication services for CMS.


State of Illinois Master Fingerprinting Contract - providing livescan fingerprinting services State-wide to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) - To date, Accurate Biometrics has fingerprinted over 500,000 individuals for DCFS licensing and employment. Our services are provided at over 50 sites throughout the State of Illinois. Our fingerprint capture and transmission yields a State and FBI (where applicable) criminal history response sent electronically to DCFS. DCFS is the primary customer within the Illinois Master Fingerprinting contract held by Accurate Biometrics.

California Department of Insurance - Accurate Biometrics provides livescan fingerprinting services for in-state applicants, and card-scan services for all out-of-state applicants wanting to get licensed in California.

Illinois Department of Public Health- Healthcare Worker Background Check - Starting in August 2006, Accurate Biometrics was selected to implement the Federal Health Care Worker Registry pilot program, for long term care employees with direct access to patients. In May 2009, we were awarded a contract to fingerprint non-licensed health care workers, and we maintain that contract today.

Illinois Secretary of State - Since 2002, Accurate Biometrics has captured fingerprints for residents applying for state-required licenses that are issued and monitored by the Illinois Secretary of State. Accurate Biometrics captures fingerprints for Illinois School and Charter Bus licensing.

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation - Since 2002, Accurate Biometrics has captured fingerprints for residents applying for state-required professional licenses. Accurate Biometrics has executed a User Agreement with IDFPR to provide fingerprint services for nursing, security guards, lock smiths and loan originators.


The Chicago Board of Education (Chicago Public Schools) - Accurate Biometrics is proud of its ten year relationship with Chicago Public Schools. We were awarded our first contract in late December 2000 and were asked to have our fingerprint operation up and running by January 2, 2001. We succeeded in mobilizing our resources and implementing the project in just two and a half weeks.

Illinois Institutions of Higher Education - We provide onsite fingerprint capture for students and employees requiring a criminal history background check to satisfy requirements within the human resource department, education, child care, nursing and/or CNA programs for many of the Illinois Institutions of Higher Education including:

  • Illinois Community Colleges
  • Illinois Public Universities
  • Private Universities
Chicago Park District - Since 2001, Accurate Biometrics has provided fingerprinting services to the Chicago Park District. As a testament to our ability to leverage electronic and technician resources, Accurate Biometrics printed 500 season hires for the Park District in a single day session. We maintain this contract today.

Chicago Archdiocese - as a requirement of the Adam Walsh Act of 2008, Accurate Biometrics was chosen to be the exclusive fingerprint provider for the Chicago Archdiocese and other Diocese throughout Illinois. We maintain this contract today.